Shaolin Wahnam Maine
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A complete program of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development

Our unique and powerful arts are a simple, direct, personal, and meaningful approach to getting the most out of your self and your life. Through the benefit of breadth and depth, as well as our focus on directly transferring the skills of this practice to daily life, our arts provide you the tools to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, enhance function, and enjoy life as a meaningful flow of energy in a safe, enjoyable, holistic, and progressive way.

The legendary practices of Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Tai chi, as well as their integration and our unique approach of triple-cultivation, are what form the core of our program and open the door to attaining the results we aspire to.

Join a class today and directly experience what treasures these hallmarks of our great tradition can bring into your life.


This school is a branch of the Shaolin Wahnam Institute

Our school and arts are passed on to us by our Grandmaster, Sifu Wong Kiew Kit.

Our lineage comes directly from the legendary temples of Shaolin, and a breakdown can be found here.

By joining our classes and school, you yourself are benefiting from and becoming part of the legacy of Shaolin.

As our Grandmaster always reminds us, these arts are “alive”.